Chewig gum is our passion

Delica AG produces and sells a full range of high quality Swiss chocolate products and sugar-free chewing gum. The chewing gum division is the only gum manufacturer in Switzerland, with over 50 years of experience with Private Label products, especially in the international business. We focus on customer needs, with tailor-made gum concepts, high quality and innovative products with advanced standards. We offer a broad range of possibilities with different flavours, colors and formats and a big variety of packaging options.


Facts & Figures Chewing Gum Division:

One of the biggest Private Label manufacturers in Europe
Only chewing gum manufacturer in Switzerland – since 1974
Specialist for sugar-free gum and coated pellets + tailor-made recipies
Close support and professional project management from the first idea to the finished product, incl. packaging and after sales service

Employees 2021: ca. 2 200
Market share Switzerland (Gum): ca. 44% in volume (No. 1 in Switzerland)
Chewing Gum Export: ca. 85% in volume


Delica AG is part of the M-Industry Group


The foundations for the M-Industry Group were laid by Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler as long ago as 1928, when supplier boycotts forced Migros to set up its own producer network and buy more factories.



With its 23 efficient Swiss companies and 9 foreign businesses, M-Industry produces over 20,000 high-quality food- and non-food products, making it one of the biggest own-brand producers in the world. Over many decades, M-Industry has acquired a unique know-how in the development, production and marketing of Private Label concepts.